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Participants from outside China may need valid passports and visas to enter China. Visas for citizens from some countries may not be required if these countries are included in the visa exemption list, which can be found at Mutual visa exemption agreements between P.R.C. and foreign countries. You may wish to check whether you are eligible for visa exemption.

If you are required a visa to enter China, please visit for more information regarding the requirements and procedures for obtaining a Chinese visa. If your country is not listed on this website, please search for the Embassy or Consulates of China in your country of residence. For example, Embassy of China in the United States can be found at

We strongly recommend you prepare all travel documents as early as possible. At least 3 months before your travel date is recommended. The processing time for visa application in some countries may be longer.

Furthermore, if you need an invitation letter for visa application, please let us know by sending us your registration receipt and the ID of your paper if it is accepted to